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This is an API that extends and improves upon the open data ecosystem around public transportation in São Paulo, Brazil.

The government provided API currently made available by the city hall, called Olho Vivo, is powerful, but lacks historical data and, therefore, can’t provide a big picture perspective on how public transportation is performing (or underperforming) in our city.

To address that, I’ve created the MoniBus platform. It collects positional data for every bus in the city in every minute and makes the historical data available to data analysts through its own public API.

Unfortunately, MoniBus is no longer online due to the server costs, but the code is open source and available at: The collected data is, however, used in a CartoDB visualization.

As part of this work, I’ve also created a standalone API crawler to get and store data from the original public API, Olho Vivo. It’s available here: