Howdy, comps!

I'm Laury Bueno, a software developer && journalist

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Tools of choice

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One bit about me

As a software engineer, I'm a full stack web developer who has worked with platforms like Python, Go, PHP, React and Angular. On the server side of things, I'm in love with the Kubernetes ecosystem and the cloud environments where it thrives. Lately, my passion for quality software and data has driven me to work as a Machine Learning Engineer. In this new role, I put together all of my skills to create and care for end-to-end ML workflows.

As a journalist, I wrote pieces about science, sports and national affairs. I've also been a home page editor and social media manager for journalistic brands. Although these days are far behind me now, the obsession with clear and effective communication never went away.

In my free time, I enjoy working on a couple of personal projects and writing about stuff I learn.